Using Less
Doing More 2023

Choose to ReUse and make a difference

Using Less

ReUse simply means using an object or material again and again for the same purpose or for a different purpose. It is also one of the simplest ways to minimize our carbon footprint, save energy and natural resources and reduce pollution.
There are many easy (and fun!) ways you can ReUse. Every small act can make a huge impact. Here are some examples:
Turning garbage into a fine and natural fertilizer.
Swapping parties
Exchanging goods instead of buying new ones.
Plastics recycling
Collecting plastic (bottles glasses) for recycling, donating old computers.
Food saving
Collecting food leftovers to create nutritious food and help those in need.
Green walls
Using bottles and pipes to create beautiful green walls
Education and workshops
Creating tutorial, demos, and reuse workshops/activities for raising awareness among kids and adults

Watch Netafim employees in action!

Netafim's employees around the world are taking action to reuse, leading the way, and inspiring others to make a difference for our planet.​

Why should we ReUse?

When we ReUse we consume fewer goods and generate less waste help our planet! ReUse is a very effective way to:
Saving energy & natural resources
Making products or materials take an enourmous amounts of energy and natural resources. When we choose to ReUse, we save lots of energy and reduce  the use of virgin materials, which oftern come from mining the earth and harvesting trees.
Preventing environmental pollution
By reusing, we decrease the production of new goods and therefore lessen the environmental pollution that is generated through manufacturing.
Lowering GG emissions
Disposal of waste is one of the contributing factors to the emission of carbon gases. Less waste goes a long way in reducing global warming.
Doing More
Every act of reuse helps our planet and many small acts of ReUse, add up to a huge impact. When we adopt reuse habits and way of thinking and choose to re-use we’re doing more for our planet.

Let’s choose to ReUse and make a difference!

Thank you for being part of Netafim’s #UsingLessDoingMore movement!